Surgeon who branded initials on patient’s liver ‘to relieve tension’ fined £10,000

Simon Bramhall, 53, resigned from his job at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital in after another surgeon found “SB” branded on a failed donor liver, the city’s Crown Court was told. The consultant pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating last month after prosecutors accepted his not guilty pleas to charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm relating to two patients. Opening the facts of the case against Bramhall, prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC said one of the two victims initialled by the world-renowned surgeon had been left feeling “violated” and suffering ongoing psychological harm. What you did was an abuse of power and a betrayal of trust that these patients had invested in you Judge Paul Farrer QC Mr Badenoch told the court that Bramhall used an argon beam machine to “write” his initials on the organs of two anaesthetised patients at the end of transplant operations in February and August Acknowledging that Bramhall’s actions had not caused either patients’ new liver to fail, Mr Badenoch said: But the donor liver failed around a week later – for reasons unconnected to its implantation – and another surgeon spotted Bramhall’s initials on the organ. A photograph of the 4cm-high branding was taken on a mobile phone and Bramhall, who now works for the NHS in Herefordshire, later admitted using the argon beam coagulator to mark Patient A’s liver.

5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Nurse

Bruce Seton as Police driver uncredited Richard Wattis as Medical book salesman uncredited Production[ edit ] Producer Betty Box picked up a copy of the book at Crewe during a long rail journey and saw its possibility as a film. She and Ralph Thomas had a job convincing the Rank Organisation to make the movie because of the lack of a central story.

But Box said “I think I know how to do it. I take my four students through three or four years of medical training and make that the story. As a result, the filmmakers got a low budget and were only allowed to use available Rank contract artists. Dirk was able to do that, he got away with it and it stopped him from being just another bright, good looking leading man and made him a star.

Most nurses have seen the Grey’s Anatomy episode where Rose, the nurse, and Derek, the dreamy surgeon, take their relationship to the next level. But it’s not that simple. Nurses rarely sneak off to on-call rooms in the middle of a shift.

Starting with the biggest change…literally. My first year as a postop bariatric patient. Oh boy, brace yourselves. I have literally lost more than half of myself, weightwise. My BMI today is One month before surgery in April of , this was me… Not my cute baby… And this is me with the hubby on an April trip to D.

And one of the surgeons who performs this surgery has developed a helpful description as well as a handy comparison chart. What was the most surprising thing about your first year? Which are related to each other. This causes its own share of stress, as I start to wonder when things are going to level out. What has been the best part about your first year? Hands down, feeling like I can participate in my life again.

Plastic surgeon ‘Dr Bumbum’ on the run as patient dies hours after buttock enlargement injections

Advertisement As you manage your osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or any of the numerous arthritis-related conditions, some of your most valuable relationships will be with members of your health care team. You can — and should — take the lead role in your care. Your relationship with your doctor should be a trusting partnership with open communication. Ask how involved patients are in decisions, the level of aggressiveness in treatment if you have an inflammatory or autoimmune disease, and how much attention is given to your overall quality of life and health.

Ladies (and gents), realize that most surgeons I know see doctor/nurse as boss/secretary: Most of the time they don’t see you as equals and if they’re into dating you, it’s out of convenience. You’re there, and you’ve made yourself available.

Sep 23, ’07 by aquarius4u Joined: FYI – I’m definately not in this situation, but am a new nurse and just kind of curious because I see it happen a lot already. As long as the nurse and doctor remain professional while at work, it shouldn’t be a problem. I think it can become a problem if they happen to bring their love life, along with all of the other issues that can bloom from that, to work. BTW, my boyfriend of 4 yrs is in medical school and I’ll be graduating nursing school in about 1 yr.

When we were both working in the mental health field, we happened to be coworkers when we first met.

Day55 — Pre-Op Meeting with the Surgeon

Admiral Trent-Adams is the first non-physician to serve as Surgeon General, and one of the first nurses to hold the position. Richard Carmona, an appointee of George W. Bush, was both a nurse and a physician. Surgeon General Murthy Responds In response to his dismissal, General Murthy posted the following statement on his public Facebook page: I have been deeply touched by the expressions of kindness I have received from people around the country and around the world in the last 36 hours.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Nigerian Dating Scam – I’ve been there by Catherine Sheffield, UK I am a widow and after just over two years my friends told me to try internet dating. As I was in my 40’s I thought I would join a site for over plus dating which you pay a subscription for and I thought would be safe. I started chatting to a guy who said he was english born but his father was american.

He was working for the united nations as an orthapedic surgeon which I thought was a bit of a story but I went along with it. We were chatting for a few weeks and he suggested going onto messenger as it would save money on subscriptions. He told me things like he was also a widower and told me about his wife etc. This went on for 3 months. I gave him my mobile and he rang me each evening and we would chat for 5 or 10 mins at a cost to him not me. He even rang me when I was on holiday in Spain.

When I came back we chatted for another couple of weeks and then he asked me for some money so that he could home and we could be together. I was so gullible for the love but as soon as he asked me for money I cut him off completely. The best advice I can give you is if anyone asks for money or your bank details to transfer money into – cut them off totally and report them to the site you originally met on.

Surgeon ‘cut off patient’s testicle by mistake’

Dr Sulieman Al Hourani ‘mistakenly’ removed a whole testicle of a patient A patient lost a testicle during an operation after the surgeon accidentally cut it off, the medical watchdog was told today. Dr Sulieman Al Hourani was only supposed to cut out a cyst on the patient’s right testis, but instead he ‘mistakenly’ removed the whole testicle, the General Medical Council GMC heard. Dr Al Hourani, who worked as a locum surgeon at Fairfield General Hospital in Bury, Greater Manchester, is accused of misconduct over the error and faces further charges of injecting himself with a drug meant for a patient and stealing tablets.

The medic, who is now practising in Jordan, is not present or represented by lawyers at the Fitness to Practise Panel which is hearing his case at the GMC in Manchester.

There’s a story Bud Frazier tells was around , and Frazier, now one of the world’s most celebrated heart surgeons, was a medical student at Baylor College of Medicine.

Definitions[ edit ] Surgery is a technology consisting of a physical intervention on tissues. As a general rule, a procedure is considered surgical when it involves cutting of a patient’s tissues or closure of a previously sustained wound. Other procedures that do not necessarily fall under this rubric, such as angioplasty or endoscopy , may be considered surgery if they involve “common” surgical procedure or settings, such as use of a sterile environment, anesthesia , antiseptic conditions, typical surgical instruments , and suturing or stapling.

All forms of surgery are considered invasive procedures; so-called “noninvasive surgery” usually refers to an excision that does not penetrate the structure being excised e. Types of surgery[ edit ] Surgical procedures are commonly categorized by urgency, type of procedure, body system involved, degree of invasiveness, and special instrumentation. Elective surgery is done to correct a non-life-threatening condition, and is carried out at the patient’s request, subject to the surgeon’s and the surgical facility’s availability.

A semi-elective surgery is one that must be done to avoid permanent disability or death, but can be postponed for a short time. Emergency surgery is surgery which must be done promptly to save life, limb, or functional capacity.

The Man with Two Brains

Impact on barriers to nurse-midwifery practice Author links open overlay panel Susan M. JenkinsJD Show more https: According to the author’s research, no reported cases exist to support that assumption. Vicarious liability arises from the relationship between two parties and is imposed solely on the basis of the relationship. An employer is almost always vicariously liable for the negligent actions or omissions of his employee.

If a nurse-midwife is the bona fide employee of a hospital or physician, the latter will most likely be subject to vicarious liability.

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The myth of nurses dating doctors iophoto iStockphoto Why do so many dramas depict doctors and nurses spending more time having sex on the job than they do treating patients? Yes, nurses and doctors DO date each other, but not nearly on the scale that Hollywood would have you believe. The long hours and extreme situations of a medical environment can lead to more intense closeness than other workplaces.

Nurses date nurses, nurses date EMTs, nurses date cafeteria personnel, nurses date custodial staff. Somehow, though, when nurses do date doctors, that romance is susceptible to more intense scrutiny than other relationships. Nurses dating doctors is a hot-button issue with real-life repercussions.


A surgical nurse is the backbone of a surgical team. Surgical nurses work in a dynamic and challenging environment, taking on key roles in life-saving surgical procedures and the surrounding care. The operating room is a complex work environment, with several well-defined roles filled by nurses — some with highly specialized training that enables them to participate directly in surgery. This article will focus on these nurses; visit our resource specifically focusing on LPNs to learn more about this career path.

Steve Martin and Carl Reiner concoct one of Martin’s best comic vehicles with Martin playing the world’s top brain surgeon, Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr — he ought to know, he said so himself.

Makes you just wanna shout: Unfortunately for people who expect this trope to be Truth in Television , anyone who has ever been to a real hospital will notice that the nurses are more concerned with their jobs than titillating their patients. They will be wearing little if any makeup, and will always be in Boring, but Practical scrubs, which are nowhere near as appealing as the fetishized nurse outfits in media, and you’ll almost never see a nurse on the job with her hair done up like they always do on TV.

The fanciest “style” you will likely ever see is a simple ponytail or possibly a Prim and Proper Bun , for hygienic reasons. Even in the cases where this trope is Truth in Television , there’s not a lot of sexy activity going on. Nurses see you when you look and feel your worst.

6 Reasons Nurses Shouldn’t Date Doctors

Michael Hfuhruhurr — he ought to know, he said so himself. Hfuhruhurr pioneered the radical new cranial screw-top technique, but he grieves over the untimely death of his wife Rebecca, carrying around a small plastic likeness of her to get through the long and lonely evenings. Thinking of her while driving home, Hfuhruhurr takes his eyes off the road and runs down the beautiful but deadly Dolores Benedict Kathleen Turner. Hfuhruhurr performs surgery which saves her life, but as she recovers, Hfuhruhurr doesn’t realize Dolores is a gold-digging vixen who has driven her latest husband George Furth to death by apoplexy.

She is now looking for a new victim and Hfuhruhurr fits the bill.

Steve Martin and Carl Reiner concoct one of Martin’s best comic vehicles with Martin playing the world’s top brain surgeon, Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr — he ought to know, he said so himself.

All my tissue will be identified with some big old primary key that insures my privacy… I hope it helps in some small way. Meeting to collect data for research… the building blocks of who I am… The nurse and I had a great conversation about the ability to be more precise in cancer treatment by knowing what treatments are most effective with which DNA profiles. Having a DNA database is critical to understanding and treating cancer and developing effective drugs for all sorts of disease.

Iritis after both treatments about two weeks in, that required steroid eye drops to calm 6 days for first and 2 days after second Persistent 3 day headache about day40 the was alleviated by one Tylenol mg Thermometer readings at left cancerous side under tongue were consistently 0. I am very happy to have this equipment available and to have such an experienced surgeon link to a TORS surgical outcomes article here … I have an exceptional surgical team Tomorrow is lotsa lab work, blood, EKG, urine, internist to check my physiological readiness for surgery… T minus 8 days and counting… I am ready to go!

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