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Do you have any favourite model of car? You can live a normal life without a car anyway…but I do like looking at cars. I do think about owning a car sometimes. If I was a passenger then a standard-design car would be fine.

Jan 05,  · [Esub] Interview of Watanabe Daisuke and Hamao Kyosuke in Takumi-kun 2 ixora Hamao Kyousuke and Watanabe Daisuke -BACS AWARD SHOW – Duration: Mao and Dai.

She is a very strong-willed, athletic, and attractive gal who rules the streets of Shibuya. Although she comes from a long line of police officers, she is ditzy and absent-minded when it comes to school and the only subject she gets good grades on is physical education and her poorest subjects are mathematics and literature.

When she was in elementary school, she was enthusiastic about becoming a police officer, but quit the ambition after learning that she won’t be able to dye her hair or wear her favorite accessories. She is usually obsessed with anything that is trendy or catches her eye, usually brown-nosing guys who find her cute to buy them, and is also quite gluttonous.

But inside her heart, she has a strong sense of justice that runs in her blood and is extremely intimidating and tough when she’s in combat mode. She is a role model to the junior students at Hounan High for her social status as a magnificent gal for justice and her very understanding nature for teens who are learning to cope , but some who looked upon her with jealousy and anger. Despite being an underachiever, Ran is very smart and has a good memory on what she is interested in such as shopping.

There is a running gag in the manga that some of her friends say that if only she used that memory, concentration, etc. She also has a foreign friend, Vivian Lin, a Taiwanese celebrity who looks amazingly like her, whom she met during a school trip to Taiwan only shown in two stories of the manga. Ran wishes that she has soft hair, but according to Rui Otahata, Rei Otohata’s cousin, her hair is damaged and dry due to the amount of bleach she pours on it.

Haruna Ikezawa Japanese ; Kira Vincent-Davis English Miyu is an independent, headstrong, and very kind-hearted classmate of Ran and one of her closest friends. However, behind her romantic and cute cover lies a dark past. When she was in third grade, her parents divorced her father is currently remarried and she lived with her mother, who paid more attention to looking for a new man rather than to see Miyu grow up she despised Miyu because she reminded her of her divorced husband.

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We were in 17th floor and they were in 16th floor, the same floor with DaiMao. We had breakfast, then came back to the hall to wait for DaiMao. About 8 am, DaiMao appeared.

After a year of separation, Makino and Domyoji see whether their love can triumph over the many obstacles placed in their path. F4 (Flower Four), 4 close friends, are crucial to their journey.

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So, when Fawkes appears in his living room, asking for assistance, he is more than willing to help. After all, what is life without a new war to fight, and without new girls to seduce M – English – Chapters: Here is a Harry who knows how to think and reason. Harry Potter – Rated: M – English – Drama – Chapters:

Shanae Jun 07 am The tabloids are saying that Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue have been dating for 9 years and is expected to get married before this year is over. Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue were spotted at a restaurant together, and they left after one another, I saw the picture and Mao was wearing a mask tin disguise and Jun Matsumoto.

Mar 2, I really enjoyed the figure skating of both male and female among all the games. Either Daisuke or Mao couldn’t perform perfectly in the Olympics. But what was most impressive for me was that they made their choices to execute the most difficult arts on jump. Mao succeeded in flawless triple axels three times. Daisuke failed a quadruple jump but his skating, especially artistic steps, enthralled the whole audiences.

I will never forget that Daiske bursted into joy as soon as he performed his free program and Mao choked up at the interview just after her free program.

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It often contains a lot of shooting, explosions and fighting. These stories are built upon funny characters, situations and events. A comedy anime is laced with humour and sets out to provoke laughter from the audience. The protagonists of conspiracy thrillers are often journalists or amateur investigators who find themselves often inadvertently pulling on a small thread which unravels a vast conspiracy that ultimately goes “all the way to the top”.

Such elements may have originated from another world.

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But has she made the right choice? Eventually will be Dipcifica, but they’ll be taking it slow. Rated T for abuse and frightening situations Gravity Falls – Rated: Speedy won a bet, Raven’s parading around in a questionable get-up and Robin’s just Teen Titans – Rated: T – English – Humor – Chapters: Gravity Falls – Rated: A story of the uneven after, new friends, new family, and the promise of another summer. Gradual Dipcifica, Mystery Twins bonding, family ties, and the Power of Friendship — anthyding can hadplen!

[Eng] Fan account Watanabe Daisuke and Hamao Kyosuke in Thailand_Part 2

I only remember him doing Lutz, toe, and salchow. I can see him being the biggest long term threat because he and Kolyada have the purest technique aside from Hanyu. I think there’s too much wrong with Boyang’s skating to be much of a threat for a couple more years though.

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Dec 14 6: I’m your fans from Malaysia.. You know when I heard about your retired from entertainment industry I feel so sad I start know you when I watch Takumi-kun series and movie.. All Your Movies I like.. And for the last I’m just wanna say no matter what decision you make I will always support you.. Truly speaking, among all the shows and movies that I had watched, your shows and movies are always the best and it inspired me so much.

Even though, you had decided to quit the entertainment industry, I will always be your number 1 fan. And Hamao, I wish you all the best for your future studies and also may your wish come true to be a future lawyer. But if there is a chance, I wish that you might come back to the entertainment industry to act one last time with Daisuke.

Kyosuke Hamao

Daisuke has an unfortunate talent for upsetting Mao without meaning to. But he’ll make it right as their relationship grows with many a bump along the way. This is purely fictional! See the end of the work for more notes.

However, Yukiko & Daisuke actually know Kou likes Chie. Chie’s inferiority complex is similar to Ulala Serizawa from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, who becomes jealous of her black-haired best friend (Maya Amano) for feeling she is more attractive and has better luck with men.

However, I think a part of Mao probably also wanted to challenge the elements like the triple axel no matter what. Now in retirement, Mao is preparing for her professional career by again returning to running to build stamina. Mao mentioned in an article that she had learned that running works different muscles than are involved with jumping and that she had learned to run in such a way so as not to hurt her knee.

This is at least kind of how I remember her comment. Even though I cheered for Mao for win, I think for me the hardest part about following Mao’s skating when she competed is that I really just wanted to watch her performances without getting involved in the idea of competitions and assigning empirical points for what to me are spiritual expressions of athletic art like paintings, music or great literature.

Instead, I prefer to decide for myself which I like best and experience it without external judgement. However, it has been more difficult to see Mao perform outside of competitions and it has become even harder in recent years. But, from life experiences and the system that judged her so harshly came her great expressive range and power, since fine art so often rises out of conflict between the real and the imagined ideal.

Inevitably, great art of any kind often has the ability to challenge someone’s assumptions about the legitimacy of a system and its judgments and opinions by showing an ideal vision of the world never imagined before. I think Mao’s ability to do this in her performances along with the inspiration of their transcendent beauty are two of her greatest legacies, and she did it by showing this in her performances instead of telling people what to think.

Now that it appears Mao will begin her professional career next year season since she is powering up in practice, I hope I will be able to see Mao’s performances and that they aren’t hidden away like buried treasures.

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Contents Appearance Ran-Mao Ran-Mao has large, golden eyes and jet-black hair with thick, square bangs. Her hair is arranged in long braids and cat ear-like buns, accompanied by a pink peony and a golden tassel on the left bun. She wears a short, black and lavender cheongsam , that is decorated with dark-pink petals, and a blue jacket over it.

Doujima Daisuke, a 2nd-year student in high school who was kidnapped when he was younger, experiences a strange phenomenon along with his friends Gai, Lu, Marimari, and Keisaku: “Shibuya Adrift”. The center of the city of Shibuya is transported more than years in the future.

Japanese schools’ extra-curricular activities are centered on “club activities” organized by the students themselves. Each club will generally be assigned its own room or other facilities, will have an advisor who doesn’t always appear on screen , and will have a powerful president kaicho who’ll be a significant character of some sort. For series that revolve around a specific club, the club’s president frequently replaces the Student Council president in importance.

The three most commonly portrayed clubs are the student council, the school newspaper, and the Kendo team. For the newspaper, see School Newspaper Newshound. For the Kendo team, see Kendo Team Captain. Other clubs range from normal sport clubs baseball, soccer, swimming etc. And then there are the clubs no sane school or student council would accept in reality, be it more or less shadowy fan clubs for popular students or just ” the place where we hang out, when we are not doing something completely crazy.

The members themselves will always be those the story needs and not the unsorted bunch you would have to deal with in reality. It’s more mixed with the advisor, who can be anything from lazy over frustrated or enthusiastic to outright crazy. That is of course if the advisor is around. In fact quite a few clubs hardly see their advisor or don’t even seem to have one at all.

It’s rare for a student to be a member of more than one club — School Clubs Are Serious Business in Japan, as they are seen as training for the companies students will eventually join when they enter the adult world.

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