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From Astrology to Science – everything reveals a facet of Sanatana Dharma. Sunday, July 31, Kalam welcomes scientists’ efforts to verify facts about ancient India. Speaking at a national seminar on ‘Scientific Dating of Ancient Events before BC’, he said efforts to prove the indigenous nature of Indian civilisation could provide a boost to the confidence of the nation. At the seminar where scientists, historians and Vedic scholars converged together to discuss their findings about ancient India, the former scientist-president said for a person like him was born in Rameswaram, a place closely associated with the Ramayana epic, such efforts were all the more pleasing. In my eyes Gandhamanaparvatham appears from where Rama is supposed to have seen Sri Lanka. In front of me appears the famous Kothanda Ramar Temple of Rameshwaram.

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Define your site secondary menu. So how is astronomical dating done. At many places in the Ramayana the description of 4 teeth elephants are found. Dating ramayana is ancestor of present day elephants dating ramayana. The war he is referring to is the one that.

This blog is the result of 15 years of primary research by the writer on a hugely misrepresented topic ‘Ancient Indian History’, for which she devised a unique methodology of reading ancient Indian literature and verifying the results with modern sciences.

Scientific Dating of Vedic and Ramayan Era Ecological perspective History of the Holocene post last ice age deserves to be rewritten based on multi-disciplinary scientific evidences. Aryan invasion theory was propagated based on linguistic guesswork, religious hearsay and old outdated archaeological reports. Christianity has long back discarded its 18th century beliefs that world got created on 23rd October, BC, Biblical flood occurred in B.

It is almost unanimously accepted by the scholars and scientists that there have been several cycles of civilizations and that last ice age ended around B. The melting of ice caps naturally got started near the Equator, resulting in discharge of huge quantities of water which first flowed in the form of rivers in South India. The civilizations developed, populations multiplied over hundreds of years resulting in water scarcity. More adventurous started migrating northwards – initially towards central India and later on towards the Himalayan rivers in the North.

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Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge: A vast number of statements and materials presented in the ancient Vedic literatures can be shown to agree with modern scientific findings and they also reveal a highly developed scientific content in these literatures. The great cultural wealth of this knowledge is highly relevant in the modern world. Techniques used to show this agreement include: Max Muller, perhaps the most well known early sanskritist and indologist, although later in life he glorified the Vedas, initially wrote that the “Vedas were worse than savage” and “India must be conquered again by education

The Epic Riddle Of Dating Ramayana, Mahabharata. Open Magazine The Weekly for the Young Mind Open Magazine (Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas, an NGO). His paper on the war’s dating.

This coincided with the start of a tsunami season of 11 tsunamis spread over years that left imprints in the sea caves of Banda Aceh. In those early years Rama was very much present in south India and even crossed the sea. Did he face the impact of any tsunami or sea-level rises? A reading of Valmiki Ramayana shows that he did experience a tsunami-impact at Setu just before he built the bridge.

A tectonic deformation was simultaneously felt in the desert of Rajasthan. The details of these calamities and the probable cause of them are discussed in this article to add credence to the legend of submergence of Southern Madurai around that time.

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We find here only 74 kings, but Megasthenes tells us about kings. These may be from the period between Ripunjaya and Puranjaya. Thus, calculating from the data of 74 kings who ruled for years, we get a period of years for 64 kings. Adding the two we get years for kings. This is preceding Chandragupta’s time, who came to throne in B.

Ramayana(7th Avatar of Vishnu) by Priyadarshini Das(Singh). On that date planetary configuration was the same as has been described by Valmiki i. on one side were Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and on the other side were Sun, Moon and Saturn.

When the date was converted from Solar Calendar into Lunar Calendar, it was found to coincide with the 9th day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month at around 12 to 1 noontime. It is exactly the time and date when Ram Navami is celebrated all throughout India. He had stated the planetary positions prevailing at the time when Shri Ram was sentenced 14 years exile from Ayodhya. He had also mentioned that Shri Ram was 25 years old when he left Ayodhya for his 14 years of exile along with Sita and Laxman.

As it can seen from this deduction that Shri Ram was 25 years of age when he left for exile — So, this observation matches with the text described in Valmiki Ramayan. Other Important Dates Based on the planetary configurations described in various other chapters of Valmiki Ramayan, the date when Ram killed Ravana works out to be 4th December BC. Shri Ram completed 14 years of exile on 2nd January BC. Shri Ram came back to Ayodhya when he was 39 years of age —

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After Hanuman located Sita in Lanka, Rama and Lakshmana, arrived at the southeastern tip of the land and Rama marked the place with his bow dhanush from where they would launch the expedition to Lanka by building a bridge Rama s Etu with rocks and trees, uprooted by the monkeys, to the northern tip of Lanka. After Sita was carried away by Ravana, Rama and Lakshmana wandered all over and reached Kishkindha, a mountain range in the Tungabhadra river valley.

The Vijayanagar Empire of the 14th th centuries covered this region. They crossed the river Yamuna on a raft and walked for 2 days to reach Chitrak UTa. The wife of Atri, Anas Uya gave a gift of jewelry to Sita. The demons had an outpost at Janasth Ana, not far from Chitrak UTa and they caused problems for the sages.

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Facebook Twitter India, the land of sages, ancient sciences, culture, civilization and what not, is still struggling to prove its past. Our past shows rich diversity of culture, values, penance and socialism. The western influence on our history is such that we never even tried to dig our past and find our roots. In one of his speeches, the present National Security Advisor, Shri Ajit Doval said that history favours only the powerful. It does not see whether he is right or wrong.

It never goes with those who are true but less powerful. This is what happened with us.

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June 23rd, Author: Consequently the civilizations of the world naturally and simultaneously started developing near the rivers which initially started flowing due to the melting of glaciers near the Equator e. South India, Sri Lanka and Africa. When populations multiplied, these river waters became insufficient. Therefore some people started travelling from south to north.

Such northward migration continued for several centuries and finally when these people from south India reached the banks of Himalayan Rivers, they got climatic conditions conducive to long term development of civilization on the banks of these rivers providing security of water, food and shelter for a very long time.

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Here you can get the list of the Various ancient Indian scriptures Link of scripture list should be linked those who talks about Rameswaram and its sacredness. History of Rameswaram Temple By means of clear historical evidences we can know that Rameswaram is ruled under the various dynasties. Rameswaram acts as a important Harbour in that time.

Ayodhya is a legendary city mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit-language texts, including the Ramayana and the texts describe it as the capital of the Ikshvaku kings, including Rama.. The historicity of this legendary city is of concern to the Ayodhya ing to one theory, it is same as the present-day Ayodhya city. According to another theory, it is a fictional city.

This is something I posted a while back in Quora Veracity of a story is often affirmed through certain evidences mainly, Literary; i. It again gives more credibility to the story. Archaeological; This is the most important source of evidence, which unfortunately rarely provides any in case of myths about humans, because of the devastating effect nature has on human artifacts and creations. Astronomical; More potent source of evidence, but with less credibility than archaeological one.

The dates and position of celestial bodies in heaven as described in the texts when verified with latest planetary charts can validate the authenticity of the myths. Ramayana conforms excellently on Literary, Geographical and Astronomical fronts. Astronomical – The problem of using Astronomy in dating the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata Now one can always counter all these arguments saying that A person well versed in the geography of India could have simply connected various places in India to craftily concoct a story around them.

Since, ancient Indian astronomers were experts in their field, they could have easily back calculated the planetary position, and used it in the stories. I don’t have a response to these questions, which begs me to ask about the reason for asking the authenticity of these stories. Does a Hindu need these stories to be true for affirming his belief in Hinduism Sanatana Dharma? Does his faith requires Ramayana and Mahabharata to be true to the word?

If yes, which version of it? Hinduism, unlike Abrahamic religions aren’t History centric I’m using the same terminology as used by Mr. Even if Ramayana and Mahabharata were classic representation of archetypes instead of real man in blood and bones, it would do no harm to any Hindu, unlike a Muslim for whom the existence of Mohammed is as mandatory as to a Jesus is to a Christian.

Is Ramayana & Mahabharata True? These New Scientific Evidences Prove That They Are!

How to identify Macaulay infection? Jayakrushna Mohapatra planetary positions at the time of lord Ram can be prior to BC as evaluated which can be calculated in cyclic manner. The EPIC of Ramayana indicates the existence of the civilizations in Jambudwipa years ago and the incidents were happened. In satyug, the span was supposed to be 1 lac years and satyug was walked by only 18 generations of humans. In tretayug, the life span drastically came down to years.

In dwapara beginning the lifespan was further reduced to and came down to around years maximum towards the dwapara end.

Feb 24,  · Criticism & Analysis: Dating of Ramayana ( BCE) by Late Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar – Part 1 of Many LeanJedi / February 24, I am aware of five (5) distinct proposals, including mine, for the timing of Ramayana.

For Correct pronounciations of the Sanskrita words we have used letters like this. Research implies a critical and scientific enquiry seeking all possible evidence that may enlighten the real fact. Research is a scientific undertaking which by means of logical and scientific methods, aims to discover new facts.

In my research I have done an investigation to ascertain the dates for which purpose I have put forward an entirely origional data to discover an unexplored horizon of knowledge. Astronomy3,Meteorology, Biology etc, to fix the dates. It is very difficult to fix the date of any great personality or literature of ancient India because of the great philosophy of India.

Dating of Ramayana – What makes claim of 5114 BCE false!