Evanescence Moody was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. He met Amy Lee in while at a youth camp and the two eventually became friends. Moody abruptly left the band in October during their European tour, citing “creative differences”. In early , Moody played lead guitar for the song “Forever in Our Hearts”, the ‘song for tsunami relief’ made exclusively for iTunes. He co-produced and co-wrote alongside Michael “Fish” Herring, and contributed vocals and instrumentals to the album. In December , he released the Mutiny Bootleg E. This release would be delayed, however, as was hinted at in February , when Moody’s official website displayed the release as “available ” instead of the March 3 release date. On June 9, , Moody’s debut solo album, entitled All for This , was released digitally via Amazon. We Are the Fallen[ edit ] Main article: We Are the Fallen Shortly after the release of All for This, it was announced that Moody had created and is also currently a member of a new rock band called We Are the Fallen.

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Repost of message from Ben Moody I am reposting this from http: I will admit that I too at first was wont to believe it was the one’s who had left who were to blame but as it happens frequently it was at a point in time that these artists had simply outgrown each other. So I am making it a point to help in what small way I can to make up for my wrong assumption of finger pointing.

It sounds pretty good as these are former members of Evanescence who we have listened to for years if you happen to be a fan, if not, well we can’t all have good taste. The title track is called Bury Me Alive. I hope you give it a listen if you get the chance.

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We Are the Fallen is a rock band that was formed in in the United States. It consists of former American Idol contestant Carly Smithson on vocals, Marty O’Brien on bass, former Evanescence members Ben Moody and John LeCompt on guitar, as well as Rocky Gray on drums.

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In several interviews, the band revealed that the band’s name was created by singer songwriter Hana Pestle, Moody’s girlfriend and friend of the band, in reference to the band member’s musical pasts. Marty O’Brien has been quoted as saying, “I feel that each member was brought into this band because of past situations that either fell apart, disbanded, or musical projects we had going on that didn’t work out the way we had hoped.

I feel like we are somewhat of a band of misfits coming together to create something special that we could not have created individually.

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Pestle received her first guitar when she was in 6th grade as a Christmas present, and approximately a year later, she took up lessons. Sporadically throughout both middle and high school, Pestle also took voice lessons. Career[ edit ] Hana Pestle started performing live in Montana at the age of After watching the tape, the pair decided to work with Pestle.

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Welcome to the latest installment of the official ‘We Are The Fallen’ newsletter! For any of you that were not already aware, the next single we are releasing to radio will be the title-track from our debut album, “Tear The World Down”. We are very excited to start this next chapter as “Tear The World Down” starts getting added at radio stations in October. We are proud to unveil this cover-artwork for the single, as well as announce the winner of our latest contest.

Recently we asked fans to guess which song would be our next single by submitting their own cover-artwork for that song. Kelly Tobias, from Cincinnati, Ohio. Not only did Kelly guess the correct song, but she also submitted this great cover-art. A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone else who submitted entries. There were a lot of amazing art submissions, and we were all so impressed.

Our debut album “Tear the World Down” is also now available on inch vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

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Edit Ben met Amy in at a Christian youth summer camp and the two became friends. Soon, they began playing music at local shops. Within the next few years, they started to sell EPs at local shows. This led to being discovered by Wind-up Records and the release of their major label debut album, Fallen.

Related Information for Ben Moody Ben Moody, guitarist of We Are The Fallen, started out as the co-founder of the alternative rock band, leaving in October during the European tour, he moved on to a solo project and began producing songs for other artists.

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