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We offer these technical papers, originally presented as workshops, in a spirit of sharing information. We assume no liability for safety and health issues — those are your responsibility. This “etchant” is not a pure acid, but etches fine silver and sterling silver ferric chloride will not etch silver. Although etchant is not a pure acid, it is a “corrosive poison”. It is safer to use than nitric acid solutions. Ferric Nitrate is available only from a chemical supplier for example, Nymoc in Toronto. It comes in crystal form resembles large sugar crystals with a slight mauve tint. The following recipe seems to work well taking up to 2 to 4 hours to etch deeply enough.

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Too Cleaning some old coins can diminish or destroy their value, however. If the coins are worth no more than their face value and are truly yucky, vinegar is one of the fastest ways to bring back the shine. Copper Distilled white vinegar, that housecleaning standard, will strip away the tarnish or patina that copper coins acquire with time and use. Mix half a cup of vinegar with a teaspoon of salt and drop in the pennies. They will lose their dullness and brown color and look newly minted very quickly.

Silver Silver coins tarnished to black can also be cleaned with vinegar or any other mild acid, including lemon juice, Coca-Cola, hot sauce and ketchup — even sour milk.

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When I am done, I just rinse under the sink and rub with my finger over the treated spot. I have never had any continue to eat away doing this. Just rinse and rub. It results in the production of free copper ions that are prohibited from waste water in most states and locals, especially those that obtain tap water from treating upstream disposal. So it should not be rinsed into a municipal drain. Acids like the dilute acetic acid of vinegar should not work as well as Nic-a-Date as they dissolve both nickel and copper non-selectively , but can be neutralized with baking soda and disposed of down the drain, and is more available.

In addition to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in coin and bullion form, we also purchase a wide range of numismatic coins and currency for our retail business. Feel free to call us for quotes or price indications on anything in coins, bullion, and paper money.

Introduction A simple and easy to understand guide to buying and selling Sterling or other silver items. As both a buyer and seller of sterling silver, I am most appalled when Sellers list items as sterling when they are not. There is an enormous difference between silver-plated and sterling silver items, and if you are going to buy or sell either, you should know the difference between them.

This can not only save you hundreds of dollars in wasted money spent on items listed as sterling that were not, but can also save you time, and a possible lawsuit or other criminal complaints against you for selling silverplate as sterling. Even when presented with evidence, some have refused to refund my money. These are crooks, outlaws, and Sellers without ethics. They should be charged with fraud, left negative feedback, and disputes should be opened for the items you purchased if they are not what they should be.

Don’t let them get away with your money without a fight! There are some good internet crime investigation websites that will take your complaint and forward it to the proper agencies and law enforcement in the jurisdiction where the Seller lives. Always check the feedback rating of the Seller you are buying from. Silver Plate Silver plate is the process of bonding an extremely thin layer measured in microns of silver to a base metal; most commonly used are copper, brass, white metal, or nickel.

This layer of silver is so thin and nearly impossible to recover from the item without expensive means, and is not worth the cost of recovery due to the small amount of silver that can be recovered. Silverplated flatware and hollowware are very common, and very inexpensive, with the exception of rare or limited production items, and items made by well-known and respected manufacturers.

EPNS stands for electroplated nickel silver.

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Silver (Ag), chemical element, a white lustrous metal valued for its decorative beauty and electrical is located in Group 11 (Ib) and Period 5 of the periodic table, between copper (Period 4) and gold (Period 6), and its physical and chemical properties are .

Site Use Terms Cleaning Silver Coins Mention cleaning silver coins to most dealers and you will get a strong reaction – “don’t do it”. While I generally agree, in my opinion there can be exceptions. Before you even think about cleaning any silver coin, there some things you must take into consideration It is not uncommon for silver coins to have a value over and above the value of their silver content intrinsic value plus, of course, their tacked-on premium.

Cleaning a coin that is numismatically valuable can destroy that value thereby costing you tens or even hundreds of dollars in rare cases, even more. If you are tempted to clean your silver coin s before finding out their potential value based on scarcity, demand, condition, etc. There are very few good reasons to clean your silver coins. But if you have common date silver coins in your personal collection that you would like to shine up and keep to admire, that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have common date silver coins you want to present as gifts to children or grandchildren, that is understandable also. But if you plan on selling your coins and think shining them up a bit will get you a better price – it won’t. Cleaning silver coins sometimes referred to as “whizzing” is definitely frowned on by most dealers and experienced investors.

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Iron and ferrous alloys 7. Zinc, tin, lead, aluminum, nickel A. On some of the late proofs in precious metal, where all there is is some superficial toning, a “dip” may restore the thing to blazing original perfection.

However, the acid can also wash away a coin’s patina, significantly lowering the value of the coin. Baking Soda And Vinegar – Great For Science Fair Volcanoes But Not For Enhancing Your Coins’ Value.

In each section of cleaning techniques, I have listed a number of possibilities. With each method I have also included a brief critique and whether or not I can recommend it. You may want to try them all to find the one that is right for your circumstance. Email Kevin if you have any questions. Not every coin needs to be cleaned!! When you first start, practice on a coin that you can afford to lose.

When you try a new technique practice on a coin you can afford to lose. Bottom line is, when starting out you will ruin some coins. It is unfortunate but all part of the learning curve. The object of cleaning coins is not to reduce them to bare metal lumps. Your concern should be with removing dirt and encrustations and leaving the base coin alone.

How to Clean Silver With Sulfuric Acid

Confused about “acid test” for silver and other precious metals Q. Recently bought a testing kit on eBay. The silver testing bottle is dark amber in color. As a trial run, I scratched the stone with various silver-colored metals–anything from steel to marked sterling to “mystery” metal. I observe no reaction whatever with any of them.

Color-coded red 12g bottle of test acid for silver. Also available for 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k. See below.

Cleaning Silver Coins If silver coins get exposed to air they will get after some time a brown or even black oxidized layer. This is caused by the small amount of sulphur that air contains. By knowing this chemical reaction, we could all imagine that the only way to stop this process is preventing that the coin is surrounded by air.

There are ways to seal it in or cover it with an acid free jelly but most collectors prefer to clean the coins. Because most coins are exposed to air cleaning will be necessary after some time. The cleaning of silver coins can be done by different methods and on this page we like to present to you this specific information and how this can be done safely.

Keep in mind that for some coins, like ancient roman coins it might be wise not to clean them totally as they look more authentic with a light ancient looking color change caused by this natural silver oxidation effect. Put the coin in a lemon acid bath for some hours to maximum one day depending on the thickness of the oxidation layer to be removed from the coin.

After this bath clean the coin carefully with soft brush, rinse it with water and dry it with soft paper. The effect of this method can be improved by putting some small iron nails in the lemon acid bath. This will improve the chemical reduction of the lemon acid bath and a faster cleaning of the silver coin will occur. If you use some small iron nails do not leave the silver coin longer in the lemon acid bath then 30 minutes maximum and use the procedure as described earlier.

If the silver coin you want to clean has only some small oxidation spots then you can clean them best with an acid fluid like warm vinegar or sour milk on a soft tissue or a raw potato cut in half and rub the coin with it. After cleaning it rinse it well with water and dry the coin with a soft paper tissue.

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