A lesbian deckhand isn’t so great at her job on “Below Deck: Mediterranean”

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Kelley Johnson Says He Has “No Reason” to “Rekindle That Friendship” with Jennice Ontiveros

October 20, Author: By hour three of writing, I remembered why I stopped writing full recaps. The time commitment is bananas.

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Lady Crockett Below Deck , Recaps 0 We return to the high seas with our beloved Chief Stew, Kate Chastain, who is narrating the undeniable beauty of life on the high seas. Trusty Captain Lee is also there, stoked and ready for new challenges from the crew, the guests, and pesky Mother Nature. Since this is the first episode of the season, teaser montages abound. We also see a teaser of another hair guest, a grown man getting body waxed on deck, the remains of which Kate carries away on a silver platter.

Treasure chest of hair.

But Below Deck guests aren’t stuck paying the entire thing. they usually get about a 50% discount. However, they are asked to tip at least % on the total cost of the charter (duh). However, they are asked to tip at least % on the total cost of the charter (duh).

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How were you feeling about Kelley after his birthday party? After his birthday party, I was feeling like Kelley needed a cold shower, some mouthwash, and a bottle of water! I made sure to keep a friendly distance while we were out, but he asked me to look after him when we left the bar, and I obliged. Listen, there was no way I was getting that lb inebriated man meat into the top bunk, and Eddie was kind enough to lend his bed until Kelley recovered.

Forget anchor watch, I was on Kelley watch and I took my job seriously! Even though I was unsure of committing to a full on spooning, as one can be weary after watching her newly appointed cuddle buddy accost the roadside landscape, I was pretty exhausted. The necessity for diction just goes out the porthole at a certain hour, so I climbed in. Your browser does not support iframes. Were you worried Kelley might leave? The boy who cried wolf — a classic!

You know, the slide is not for the hung-over, weary, or weakened. Kelley happened to be all three that day. This was the second time that he talked about leaving, so it seemed to me that he just needed to take a minute to gather himself. We needed to pull it together and ensure that deck crew was still making progress on our big task:

Andy Cohen- I Had Dirty Fantasies About Kelley From Below Deck

It looks like this new season will be packing just as much drama, romance, and craziness as the first! Lauderdale to find a job as a mega yacht stewardess. During her seven year yachting career, she has enjoyed cruising through the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Central America and New England as well as an Atlantic crossing.

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Kelley was after Emily, but Ben swooped in with actual grownup dating tactics. Kyle and Sierra had the worst first date ever. Kelley was mad at Emily, so he laid into Sierra about said first date, which had nothing to do with him. Kate thinks Lauren owes her an apology, but senses that Lauren may have been too drunk to realize that. Ben and Emily run into each other and giggle after their first date.

You will see them at the crew party and then in the passage as you all go off to bed and then at breakfast and then twelve more times that day and every day after that. One where everybody knows your business. Dating on a yacht, with its smaller confines and much greater potential for running into each other, must be nuts. Nico says she might as well just chew a mouthful of coffee beans.

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By TalksTooMuch You guys! Below Deck is back!! E1 More Foam Bosun Recap. The crossover crew member is Ben, the flirty cook what like to wreck throw pillows. We roll into the Mediterranean! Let’s meet our new crew members! First up is Captain Mark I always wonder if no last names means “captain”, like “doctor” or “uncle” , who looks appropriately stern and non-nonsense. Fingers crossed for an awesome schtick like Captain Lee’s old-timey-isms!

Ben thinks highly of him, anyway Bosun Bryan is young and perky, looking for YesMen deckhands, please!

Below Deck’s Kelley Johnson on His Relationship With Jennice Ontiveros — Exclusive

Off the Ohana for a brief respite before the next charter at the classily named Peg Leg’s joint, we have more of the aftermath of Kelley “surprise kissing” Jennice. Where once they were platonic besties, the pair — who both have significant others back on the mainland — have reverted into awkward teenage territory, Kelley confused by the mixed signals he perceives while Jennice laments that she just wants to “bury the kiss hatchet.

While the two — who both also have relationships that they’ve put on hold for work — hooked up last season, they maintained a flirty but professional-ish relationship during Season Two to date. Kat for her part has even managed to largely reign in her drunken party rage ways during Season Two even mostly leaving the hilarious I-have-an-English-accent-when-I-drink thing behind, sadly.

However, it’s strongly implied — perhaps due to heavy-handed unscripted editing — that they are kissing and making loud noises behind closed doors but not precisely telling as yet. You know the drama is relatively light when the main issue that occurs with the arrival of the charter guests is a stain on a decorative pillow seahorses, yeah!

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They played it right swapping out part of the cast between seasons, and the relationships are more intense than other reality concepts. It’s rare that each character is generally interesting to watch evolve throughout the short season. Unlike other reality programs, I don’t find myself fast-forwarding through tedious story lines or losing interest in conflict that feels “constructed” by producers behind the scenes. I think awful Adrien had a role in the show’s conception, and it was pretty interesting to see her return for an episode this season.

This season can be prurient at times the pillow stain, the mythology of Kat’s past interlope with Amy’s old suitor , yet for me this show is still an interesting diversion overall. I like the tight shots of the food, the interior scenes of the staterooms, and I really like the “multiplex” type images of each character as they work between charters.

That said, I was glad to see lazy, shifty Sam go at the end of last season. Kat and Kate are evolving into a small wolf pack, but Kate is still interesting with her sexy affect and removed personality, and she’s funny that’s kind of rare in reality television. You kind of hope Kelly has a secret history because, as a character, he presents an odd combination of traits; super fit, conservative, sentimental and weepy, a little unhinged. Cheating on his gf so he can offer the gift of cock to the Latina.

We’re LIVE with the cast of Bravo’s Below Deck!